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We invite you to browse our Smile Gallery to see some examples of the beautiful, healthy smiles that our skilled dentists in Indianapolis, Indiana, have helped to create. Drs. Cleveland, Allmand, and Carslon are dedicated to meeting all of your personal dental needs and goals for optimal oral health. For more information on our dental services and to schedule your next appointment, we welcome you to call or visit us today. We are eager to take care of your smile!

Full Mouth Rehab

This patient came to us wanting a new smile. She had old veneers that had discolored over time, and her teeth had shifted. We aligned her teeth with Invisalign to broaden her smile and placed dental implants to restore her missing chewing function. After we aligned the teeth, we made new crowns to complete her beautiful new smile!


This patient noticed that her teeth had shifted after she had children, and because of that, her smile had changed. She felt that correcting her smile with Invisalign would be a simple, noninvasive way of improving her smile. We expanded her arch with Invisalign, which created room to correct the crowding and gave her an aesthetically fuller, more beautiful smile. She was ecstatic at how much her smile improved and how quickly it happened! In her words, “I couldn’t be happier about how my smile has transformed even beyond what I was hoping for!”


This patient had been told by previous dentists that she was not a candidate for Invisalign because the crowding was too severe on her bottom jaw. This actually became a very straightforward case that didn’t need any removal of tooth structure. We expanded the dental arch to create enough space to move the teeth into place, and we were able to create a more stable bite. The patient was extremely pleased with the results and how efficiently we accomplished them.


This patient came to our office after having Invisalign treatment in the past. She still had buttons on her teeth that the previous dentist hadn’t removed and was left with large gaps between her teeth after the treatment was completed. We were able to correct both the cosmetic gapping and her bite with an Express 10 treatment that lasted only 20 weeks. The patient was thrilled with what we were able to accomplish in such a short time. As an added bonus, the Express 10 treatment was less costly than what she thought it would be!