Four Ways to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

If your child is developing cavities at a young age, he or she may be experiencing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay. The tooth decay is caused by overexposure of sugar and acids due to sugary drinks in your child’s bottle or sippy cup. At [practice_team], we want your child to grow up with strong, healthy teeth,… Read more »

Sensitivity after Having Your Tooth Filled

Tooth sensitivity following a dental filling procedure is actually a fairly common occurrence. Usually it will dissipate on its own within a few weeks. You may notice an unusual sensitivity to temperatures in the air or when consuming food and beverages that are hot or cold. You may also experience slight pain when biting on… Read more »

Let Our Team Keep Your Smile Bright

Your smile makes all the difference in how you present yourself to the world. A bright healthy smile puts your best foot forward so to speak, and you achieve it by taking good care of your teeth and gums at home. Brushing twice a day, and flossing once a day removes harmful bacterial plaque and… Read more »

What Mouth Sores May Mean

If you have felt bumps, ulcers or sores inside your mouth or on your tongue, you are not alone! Oral lesions are fairly common occurrences and can show up due to infection, inflammation, or even cancer. But the most often occurring oral lesions are from viral and fungal infections. Cold Sores Cold sores are often… Read more »

How to Use Mouthwash Correctly

A good mouthwash rinse before or after brushing and flossing your teeth can help you in your fight against dental caries and gingivitis, as well as halitosis (bad breath). First you will need to decide what issue you would like to address, and then find the right rinse for the job: An antibacterial mouthwash kills the… Read more »

Is It Wise to Keep Your Wisdom Teeth?

Why do you have wisdom teeth, and what is their function? Are they even necessary to the functioning of your mouth? Read on to find out the answer to these questions! Historical Perspective Wisdom teeth earned their nickname because they come in just as you are maturing into adulthood at the age when people generally… Read more »

Multiple Lost Teeth in One Area Can Be Restored by a Bridge

Losing multiple teeth in one area of your mouth can seriously compromise your ability to eat, as well as affect your speech and facial expressions. Without restoring the structure of the area the neighboring teeth will start to migrate towards the void, with the potential to cause even bigger problems. If you’ve lost multiple teeth… Read more »

Sleep Apnea: Are You at Risk?

What do you know about sleep apnea? Do you ever wonder if you could be at risk, or if there is anything you can do to protect yourself from this common condition? In fact, there may be something you can do to prevent sleep apnea and there is definitely something you can do to address… Read more »

Baby’s First Dental Visit

When you have a child and their first teeth come in, it’s important to realize that these teeth are just as vulnerable to tooth decay as their eventual permanent teeth. If a primary tooth experiences excessive tooth decay it may need to be extracted, which can cause alignment issues when their permanent teeth come in…. Read more »