Dental Bridges and Your Teeth

Do you have a hard time talking or eating because you have missing teeth? Do you ever wonder what you might be able to do about it? There are a number of things you can consider doing to restore your teeth and smile, including a dental bridge. While most dental restorations offer a number of… Read more »

Teeth Whitening Treatments Should Be at the Top of Your Wish List

If you haven’t been thinking about your oral health this year, now is the time to do it. Your oral hygiene may have been exquisite, but you may not yet have the white smile you’ve been striving for. For a brighter and whiter smile this holiday season, teeth whitening treatments should be at the top… Read more »

Cavity Treatments

Has tooth decay attacked one or more of your teeth? If so, then it’s time for treatment. Cavities are not fun; they can provide pain and discomfort for many days until you get them taken care of. When you go into to receive treatment, the following procedures might be necessary: -Dental filling: A dental filling… Read more »

The Reasons Why a Dental Sedative Would Be Helpful

If you are afraid of the dental office and all of the tools and sounds associated with it, then our team has some good news for you! Your dentist, Dr. , offers dental sedation at our office, which is a beneficial tool that will help you have more enjoyable dental experiences. There are many reasons… Read more »

Dental Jokes for Your Halloween Season

Your dentist, Dr. , and our dental team work hard each day to put a smile on your face. So, to give you a grin today and to help you be in the Halloween spirit, we have some Halloween dental jokes for you! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Q: What… Read more »

What to Do About Your Teeth Clenching

Do you ever clench or grind your teeth when you’re eager or nervous? Sadly, teeth grinding—which is sometimes referred to as bruxism—may cause a number of serious problems. While this may not seem to be an issue for you, would you be surprised to learn that many individuals have bruxism, but simply don’t realize it?… Read more »

A Tooth’s Location and Function Will Strongly Influence the Filling Materials Used

At in Indianapolis, Indiana, our dentists commonly use fillings to repair small-to-medium-sized cavities. The fillings location on the tooth, the purpose of the tooth and its prevalence in your smile will determine the filling material that our dentist will recommend. The biting surface of your back teeth are often called upon to do a lot of… Read more »

Flossing FAQ’s

There has been a recent stirring in the media revolving around the practice of flossing. A news story released by the AP calls into question the effectiveness of flossing, even calling into question the ethical relationship that the ADA has with floss manufacturers. We wanted to clear the air for our patients, and provide a… Read more »

What to Do After Your Dental Treatment

Odds are, at some time you’ll need to visit a dentist and have some type of dental treatment performed. However, do you know what you should do—and avoid doing—after your treatment? Naturally, our dentist will tell you what you should do after any treatment, but we’re happy to give you a few ideas on what you… Read more »

What is CEREC?

CEREC machines are revolutionizing the way patients receive ceramic tooth restorations. Standing for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, a CEREC machine allows Dr. to construct, produce, and insert completely customized ceramic restoration materials at the point of treatment – or more simply, right in the dental chair. This significantly reduces the amount of time… Read more »