Your Best Smiles are Still Possible with Oral Emergency Care

If your mouth requires instantaneous attention due to an oral accident, it is essential to stay calm and do what little you can until the necessary treatments can be given. Your best smiles are still possible with oral emergency care. Facts about oral emergencies include: – Filling/Crown Knocked Loose: If a dental crown or dental… Read more »

The Time of the Veneer

It’s a different time – the time of the veneer. Everyone from celebrities to your average Joe has access to the tools to make his or her smile amazing. Dental veneers can revamp nearly every smile and turn it into a bright flash of perfection that makes everyone smile back. Thinking of getting dental veneers… Read more »

What Do You Know About Cosmetic Dentistry?

Have you heard that cosmetic dentistry treatments focus on the aesthetic aspects of your smile? Although cosmetic dentistry is designed to improve the look of your teeth and gums, some procedures can protect your teeth to improve your overall oral health. Listed below are a few cosmetic dentistry procedures: Teeth Whitening Treatments: – Cosmetic enhancements… Read more »

Invisalign® Can Be Very Effective at Correcting Minor Alignment Problems

As you age, it’s possible for the alignment of your teeth to gradually change. This could cause excess wear and tear on the tooth enamel and increase your chances of suffering chipped teeth. One way to prevent this from happening as well as improve your smile’s appearance is to have Dr. provide you with Invisalign®…. Read more »

If You Have Sensitive Teeth, There Is Help

Do your teeth hurt when you eat hot or cold foods? If you are afraid to enjoy ice cream this summer, or hot soups with vegetables from your garden because they hurt your teeth, you might have tooth sensitivity. If you are currently struggling with tooth sensitivity, you are not alone. This uncomfortable condition is a common… Read more »

The Magical Smile of Dental Veneers

Did you know dental veneers can give you the beautiful, flawless smile you’ve always dreamed of? Well, it’s true! Dental veneers have swept the nation in popularity thanks to the magical results they have to offer. That is why our team here at in , , is happy to offer dental veneers, and explain how… Read more »

Dental Veneers Are Tooth Restoration Superstars

When you think of the best tooth restoration treatments available for your smile, which ones often pop into your mind? Ideally, it would be the ones that make your smile look the greatest. Although many older procedures were highly effective in protecting and repairing smiles, they often left a lot to be desired, especially in… Read more »

A Missing Rear Molar Can Often Be Restored by a Dental Implant

Each tooth in your mouth plays a specific role. The molars in the rear of your mouth help you grind and chew tough foods. When one is lost to untreated decay or a treatment-based extraction, it can severely hamper your ability to process food before swallowing. A rear molar that has been lost can be… Read more »

A Chip on a Tooth Can Sometimes Be Repaired with an Amalgam Filling

Chips and small dental fractures can result from things like grinding your teeth or experiencing a blow to the face. They are even more likely to occur if you have a bad habit of chewing on foreign objects or using your teeth as tools. Even if a chip doesn’t cause heightened sensitivity, you should still… Read more »

A Significant Lip Injury Often Requires Immediate First Aid and Timely Treatment

Significant lip injuries are always a cause for concern. The trauma to soft tissues from an accidental fall or a hard blow to the face can sometimes be severe. Providing quality first aid can help minimize the pain and prevent complications while you seek professional treatment. The first step is to assess the severity of… Read more »