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Drs. Grant Cleveland, Zachary Allmand, and Timothy Carlson offer many custom options when it comes to replacing a missing tooth. For example, a dental implant can restore your full function and provide a comfortable smile by recreating the look and feel of the original tooth. Below we review the nature and placement of dental implants to help you better understand this method of dental restoration.  

The common materials that we use to create dental implants are porcelain and titanium because they are very durable and can be compatible with your natural oral structure. The main difference between dental implants and options such as dentures and dental bridges is that they are placed in the jawbone. Our dentist attaches the titanium post to your jawbone in place of the missing tooth and then covers it with a dental crown for a natural appearance.

The average success rate of an implant is about 95%, though it depends on where the implant is placed. With proper care and excellent oral health, dental implants can give you a lifetime of wear, and their natural appearance enables you to have improved self-esteem as a result of tooth replacement.

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