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The teeth in the front of your mouth are responsible for more than simply biting off the foods you consume. They also play a prevalent role in many of your key facial expressions. When minor physical defects and dental stains affect these teeth, it can also affect your self-confidence.

In many of these cases, the most effective cosmetic restoration method calls for Dr. Zachary Allmand to install a series of dental veneers and porcelain dental crowns onto the teeth in your smile.

Both types of dental work can be created from a white dental grade porcelain that will replicate your natural tooth enamel. Only this special material will not be as receptive to future dental stains. This will make it easy to maintain your smile’s appearance in the future.

A porcelain dental crown might only be needed if one of your teeth has physical imperfections such as a dental fracture, an existing filling, or a new cavity.

They will be made in a dental lab by specialist technicians. The dental grade porcelain material they use can be shaded to look just like white, natural tooth enamel. It has the benefit of not being as receptive to future staining. This will make it easy to maintain your smile’s appearance in the future.

Once the dental veneers and any necessary porcelain dental crowns have been installed onto your teeth, they will cosmetically improve your smile’s appearance for many years to come.

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