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If your mouth requires instantaneous attention due to an oral accident, it is essential to stay calm and do what little you can until the necessary treatments can be given.

Your best smiles are still possible with oral emergency care. Facts about oral emergencies include:

Filling/Crown Knocked Loose: If a dental crown or dental filling is knocked loose, cap the affected tooth in your mouth with chewing gum if it had a filling, and a cotton swab if it had a crown.

Tooth Loss: If you have a tooth knocked loose, soak the loose tooth in a liquid substance to keep it moist, as it may be possible for your dentist to save the tooth.

Cracked Tooth: If you suffer a cracked tooth due to blunt trauma or similar oral accident, wash the area with clean water and apply a gauze pad to minimize bleeding.

Tongue/Lip Bite: If you bite your lip or tongue, clean the affected area water and cover with a gauze pad until it stops bleeding.

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