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Do your teeth hurt when you eat hot or cold foods? If you are afraid to enjoy ice cream this summer, or hot soups with vegetables from your garden because they hurt your teeth, you might have tooth sensitivity. If you are currently struggling with tooth sensitivity, you are not alone. This uncomfortable condition is a common complaint that affects patients and their smiles. Our team in Indianapolis, Indiana, is happy to offer some relief for you today.

The good news is, tooth sensitivity is your smile’s way of telling you that something is wrong and you need to address the issue. Gum disease, teeth which have fractures, fillings that have worn down, decay happening in your teeth, tooth enamel which has worn down, or having a tooth root exposed can all cause tooth sensitivity.

If you have the signs of tooth sensitivity, you will want to see your dentist and determine the cause. Then we can help provide treatment to provide relief. In addition, you may use desensitizing toothpaste to obtain relief when you eat your favorite foods. And using fluoride toothpaste can help strengthen tooth enamel to provide relief.

We invite you to call our Monon Family Dental team in Indianapolis, Indiana to schedule a visit with one of our dentists at 317-810-9285 today. Dr. Grant Cleveland, Dr. Zachary Allmand, and Dr. Timothy Carlson are ready to help you achieve a pain-free smile again!