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If your child is developing cavities at a young age, he or she may be experiencing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay. The tooth decay is caused by overexposure of sugar and acids due to sugary drinks in your child’s bottle or sippy cup. At [practice_team], we want your child to grow up with strong, healthy teeth, so we’ve provided four tips to prevent tooth decay.

1. Limit your child’s exposure to sugar. Only fill his or her bottle with formula, milk or water, and save sugary drinks like soda and fruit juice for meal times. If your child must have a bottle at night, opt for water.

2. Don’t share food, drinks or saliva. Cavity-causing bacteria can spread from mouth to mouth, which is why you shouldn’t let your young child feed off your plate at meal times. Always clean bottles and pacifiers with warm water and soap—never with your mouth—before giving either to your child.

3. Encourage dental hygiene. As soon as your child has teeth, you should begin brushing and flossing. Infants require only a smear of toothpaste the size of a grain of rice, while children over three can use a pea-sized amount.

4. Visit the dentist regularly. Your dentist is a great resource if you’re concerned about your child’s oral health. Drs. Cleveland, Allmand and Carlson treat children of all ages and will be happy to discuss preventive strategies for tooth decay.

If you’re worried about Baby Bottle Tooth Decay in Indianapolis, Indiana, contact Monon Family Dental at 317-810-9285. We care about your child’s smile as much as you do.